Jefferson’s vision | American history homework help

Section A: So now that we have survived a war with the British and other minor skirmishes….
How are Hamilton and Jefferson fundamentally different in their political ideologies?  Did you know that Jefferson disliked being President of the United States?  Even on his tombstone he left out that he was our 2nd US President.  What do you think are some of the important things he did contribute while he was president?  His presidency is often called “The Revolution of 1800.”  Why do you think this was so?

Section B: What are three new things you learned in the American Yawp textbook that you did not know or were not aware of? Why do you think they are important for us to know?
What about your reaction to the video?  What are three new things you learned from it?

Section C: Imagine if we could teleport Thomas Jefferson to the present-day.  Other than the most obvious things, how do you think Jefferson would have reacted to our country’s treatment of the US Constitution?  What about the treatment of farmers and our views on whom we consider successful in this country?  

I personally think he would have loved the Internet and the use of computers for writing.  The idea of saving your words and making multiple copies would be something to catch his attention.  Did you know that Jefferson was also an architect and inventor? (As many of the founding fathers were).  He invented a device that would hold a quill (pen and ink) and write a duplicate letter as the person wrote.  This is why we know so much about the founding fathers and this time in our US history.  They kept copies of just about every correspondence, contract, or law.  I suspect they had an idea that the future generations would be curious about them.  

In the POV article, what are McCoy and Appleby attempting to argue about the Jeffersonian Republicans?  For each author, summarize in 1-2 paragraphs their arguments.