Katetutor a research paper on drinking age, 8 papers, 8 sources, and


A research paper on Drinking Age, 8 papers, 8 sources, and due on Wednesday. Please follow the outline, and include these sources. MLA style, times new roman 12pt


Ceren Ertan Yörük a, *, Barıs¸ K. Yörük. “The impact of drinking on psychological well-being: Evidence from minimum drinking age laws in the United States.” Socisl Science and Medicine (2012): 1844-1854. Print.


Editorial Staff. “The Long-Term Effects of a DUI.” 7 September 2012. LifeSafer. Document.



Watson, Tara. “Lowering the Drinking Age Has Serious Consequences.” 10 February 2015. The New York Times. Document.





  1. I.                Introduction.
  2. The history of MLDA (Minimum Legal Drinking Age) in the US.


  1. II.             Narration.
    1. Major consequences if the government lower the drinking age.


  1. Thesis: Many people say that government must lower MLDA to 18, because 18 years old people are considered adults and they have the right to make their own decisions. However, I disagree with them because lowering MLDA will cause more traffic accidents, easier access for high school and middle school students to alcohol, and will make more use of drugs among 18-21 people.


  1. IV.           Lowering MLDA will cause more accidents.
    1. Short-term consequence: a sudden decision by lowering MLDA from the government will make teenagers drink alcohol without a supervision and this will lead to increase in accidents.
    2. Long-term consequence: car insurance companies would set higher prices for 18-21 years old people.
  2. V.              Lowering MLDA would give easier access for people who are under 18 to alcohol.
    1. High school students would have easier access to alcohol, so that will affect their studies and behaviors.


  1. VI.           Increase the use of drugs and weed between 18-21 people.
    1. Drugs and weed could cause permanent mental illness.
    2. The crime rate will increase due to using drugs.

VII. Conclusion: The US government should keep MLDA as it is because if they don’t, there will be many consequences such as more accidents, easier access for below 18 people to alcohol, and more use of drugs.