Labsim labs test only no practice tests needed.


For this assignment, you will upload an MS Word document that contains a cover page and additional pages with screenshots that provide completion evidence for all assigned labs in this Unit.

  • The cover page is to contain:
    • Your full name
    • Course code, session, and section (e.g., ITCO-361-2102A-01)
    • Submission date
    • Reflection: Your reflection should contain approximately 300-words and must be professionally written. Include a description of any challenges, issues, or successes you had while completing the labs.
  • Use additional page(s) to paste screenshot(s) of your completed labs. Follow the link below for help with taking screenshots of your lab work.
  • Your screenshot(s) should contain your name and results of each of the below listed lab(s):
    • 2.2 Defense Planning
    • 2.6 Incident Response
    • 3.1 Security Policies
    • 3.2 Risk Management
    • 3.3 Business Continuity
    • 3.4 Manageable Network Plan
    • 3.5 Social Engineering
    • 3.6 App Development and Deployment
    • 3.7 Employee Management
    • 3.8 Mobile Devices
    • 3.9 Third-Party Integration