Liberal arts and information literacy

This assignment has two parts in which is listed below. 

Part One:

Address the Following in one to two paragraphs 

Discuss the importance of the Liberal Arts in your own words. Share one way that liberal arts fit into your life or your educational pursuits. What impact do you think the liberal arts have on ensuring continued innovation? 

Part Two: 


Information literacy guides us to locate and correctly evaluate information. In this assignment, we will be exploring information literacy and how it applies to your personal and professional life. 

The resources for this module discuss the various ways that the information age has changed the way we seek out and process information. The objective of this assignment is to reflect on information literacy and how it impacts your life.

Specifically, you must address the following one page length. 

  1. Explain the importance of developing information literacy skills.
  2. How have your information literacy skills changed as a result of the resources in this module?
  3. From the module resources, identify the sources of information that were the most impactful to you.
  4. How might having strong information literacy skills impact your academic or professional career?