Liberty university educ 521 quiz 4


Liberty University EDUC 521 Quiz 4

521 QUIZ 4

Question 1

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 Question 2

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          In most school situations, students with mild intellectual and developmental disabilities are initially identified by the                     

 Question 3

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          Central processing, one of the major components of information processing, is best described as the                     

 Question 4

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          A primary emphasis for children with moderate IDD is                        

 Question 5

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          A system used with children with IDD to present the information to be learned in the most accommodating style for the individual student’s needs is called                     

 Question 6

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          The definition of IDD requires that there be limitations in                    

 Question 7

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          Phenylketonuria is a(n)                            

 Question 8

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          How can socialization skills best be taught to children with IDD?                            

 Question 9

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          Memory, association and classification of information, and reasoning and making judgments are assessed by means of                           

 Question 10

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          According to Universal Design for Learning (UDL), if the student can’t read, then                   

 Question 11

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          Approximately what percentage of adults with IDD are competitively employed?                     

 Question 12

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          How is language development for children with IDD different from same age peers?                            

 Question 13

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          At the secondary level, the major focus of learning for most students with IDD is developing                    

 Question 14

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          The most obvious characteristic of children who are mildly or moderately intellectually disabled is limited                         

 Question 15

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          Adaptive Behavior Scales measure which of the following three categories?                     

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