Literary Criticism – ENGL 100

Literary Criticism – ENGL 100
Graded Assignment
In this part of our course we have studied fairy tales and their messages as we read various versions of the tale Little Red Riding Hood. Using a reader response lens, in combination with a Feminist and a Historical Lenses (considered in Catherine Orenstein’s “Dances with Wolves: Little Red Riding Hood’s Long Walk into the Woods”), write a thesis-driven essay exploring the central messages in these versions of the fairy tale Little Red Hood. You should:
1.      Analyze what you have learned about fairy tales, their significance and how they have changed over time.
2.      Analyze the central similarities and differences in terms of plot, characterization, theme and imagery and what these mean.
3.      Reflect on the insights you have had about how your personal experience(s) has shaped your understanding (s) and appreciation of particular elements and/or versions of the tale.
4.      Include an analysis of the contemporary revision “Red” by Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot:


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