Med teaching plan- brochure and 1-page paper

Preparing the assignment to follow these guidelines when completing this assignment

1. Choose a pharmacological agent that has been on the market for less than 5 years. 

2. Research the literature and obtain two to three resources for current, evidence-based information related to the pharmacological agent. 

3. Create a teaching brochure and write a one-page paper following these guidelines. 

a. Brochure 

• Key/Relevant Drug Information

Drug Class 

Mechanism of Action

Drug Administration


Drug Interactions

Lab effects/interference

Special Considerations

Potential Side Effects/Adverse Effects/Toxicities 

• Patient Education Considerations  

Nursing Management 

Patient Education Considerations 

Patient Assessment 

Side Effects/Adverse Effects/Toxicities 

Special considerations 

• Visual Effects/Creativity

Developed per the required standard 

Appropriate for the intended audience 

Flesch-Kincaid reading level seventh grade or lower 

Graphics enhance the purpose of the brochure! 

Be sure the brochure is visually appealing!

 One Page Paper- APA FORMAT!!

• Describes intended brochure audience 

• Describes intended use of the brochure 

• Includes Reference page