Meridian Diagnostics Inc

This question was on my homework assignment and I cannot figure out the sensitivity and specificity percentage.

,Meridian Diagnostics Inc. decided to produce an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (EIA test kit) to screSalmonella heidelberg, so patients who became sickened, could be diagnosed quickly and treated. Patient blood samples could be tested for presence of the S. heidelberg bacteria as opposed to other Genera and species of bacteria.

1. With this information, by constructing a 2-by-2 table, calculate the predictive-value positive and predictive-value negative of the EIA in a hypothetical population of 1,000,000 blood donors. Using a separate 2-by-2 table, calculate PVP and PVN for a population of 1000 ill patients. Assume that the actual prevalence of S. heidelberg among blood donors is 0.04% (0.0004) and that of people who ate Foster’s chicken is 10.0% (0.10).

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