Mgmt _— organizational leadership ——leader analysis paper


please submit a 4-6 page (minimum, not counting title page, abstract, table of contents, or references pages) double-spaced paper that details the following:

1.   Specifically, how did your leader display (or not display) aspects of Communication and Leadership (Unit 4), Recognizing and Leveraging Organizational Culture and Climate (Unit 5), and Developing High Performing Teams (Unit 6).

2. Please include citations and references to Units 4, 5, and 6 reading materials that support your answers.

3.  How can you apply the conclusions of your assessment and analysis to leadership roles and responsibilities in your organization?

Your paper must include ALL the following:

Title Page
Executive Summary

Summary of points made, written LAST
Table of Contents
Introduction (~0.5 page)

Outline of points you will make concerning your leader’s communication skills, influence on organizational climate, and team leadership.

Sec. 1 – Communication and Leadership (~1-1.5 pp)

How your leader demonstrates (or fails to demonstrate) effective intra-organizational communication.

1. What means of communication does the leader use? Prefer?

2. How does she or he verify that communication is received and understood?

3. How (by what means and in what attitude) does the leader receive feedback?

Sec. 2 (~1-1.5 pp.) – Recognizing and Leveraging Organizational Culture and Climate

A. How your leader promote (or fails to promote) a positive intra-organizational climate?

B. How does your leader affect the “5 indicators of a positive climate”:

1. Trust

2. Teamwork

3. Communication

4. Job satisfaction

5. Social cohesiveness

Sec. 3 (~1-1.5 pp.) – Developing High Performing Teams

A. What sort of team did your leader build around himself or herself, how did he or she lead it, and how did the team help the leader to succeed?

B. How did the leader manage the “5 Rs”:



1. Roles

2. Rules

3. Relationships

4. Responsibilities

5. Results

Reading/Reference material to be used:

Unit -4

Lesson 4.1:

· Read Lussier & Achua, Chapter 6, pp. 184-200; take Self-Assessment 1 (Listening Skills) on pp. 188.

· Read PMBOK Guide, Chapter 10, pp. 359-392.

· Review the slide deck: and Fundamentals of Communication and Leadership Download Fundamentals of Communication and Leadership

· Read Death by Information Overload.

· View the LinkedIn Learning video: Managing Project Communication with Doug Rose – Introduction, Sections 1 & 2 (Sections 3-6 are optional).

· Based on the video (specifically Section 1: Understanding the Communications Plan) think of a presentation or proposal you have given or observed, or may be giving in the future, and complete a Stakeholder Register.  Requirements include a brief synopsis of the presentation or proposal (1 page maximum) and a completed register.  

Lesson 4.2:

· Read Lewis, Chapter 9.

· Review the slide deck: Processing Information.

· Additional Reference:

o Katz, D. & Kahn, R.L. (1978). The Social Psychology of Organizations (2nd Ed.). New York: John Wiley & Sons.

· Complete the Barsch Learning Style Inventory (Links to an external site.) and discuss your reactions in the Discussion Forum. Consider these questions in your forum post:

o What are your preferences? 

o What do you think are the preferences of your boss, peers, and subordinates? 

o How can you apply this knowledge of preferences?


Lesson 1

· Read Lussier & Achua, Chapter 10, pp. 357-371.

· Read Lewis, Chapters 7, 11, &13.

· Review the Unit 5 PowerPoint slides Download Unit 5 PowerPoint slides.

Lesson 2

· Read Lussier & Achua, Chapter 10, pp. 369-370.

· View the TED Talk YouTube video:  “What’s So Different About Cultures Anyway?” (Links to an external site.)by Dato Gogichaishvili and participate in the Unit 5 Lesson 2 Discussion Forum

· Attend and actively participate in the weekly online session via Adobe Connect.


Lesson 1:

· Read Lewis, Chapter 6.

· Read Lussier & Achua, Chapter 8, pp. 268-286; 293-299.

· Read PMBOK Guide, Sections 9.4-9.5, pp. 336-351.

· Read Jensen, The “5 R’s” – A Team Charter Framework (Links to an external site.).

· Review the Unit 6.1 slide deck. Download Unit 6.1 slide deck.

Lesson 2:

· Review the Unit 6 Lesson 2 PowerPoints Download Unit 6 Lesson 2 PowerPoints

View the YouTube video:“5 Dysfunctions of Teams” (Links to an external site.)