Mgt 403-2 | Management homework help


The focus of the assignment is to evaluate the understanding level of students related to communities of Practice, learning organization, and various techniques used to capture tacit and explicit knowledge.

Assignment Questions


A. Explain the Knowledge conversion processes highlighted by Nonaka Takeuchi Model of Knowledge management. Which of these conversions are difficult and why? 

B. Write a detailed note on the “Three forms of knowledge” Explained by K. Wiig in his knowledge management model. Briefly describe the four types of knowledge explained by K. Wiig. 


A. Why are “Communities of practice” Important? How can organizations cultivate communities of practice? How can these communities of practice contribute towards the knowledge needs of the organization? 

C. Provide a detailed description of major roles and responsibilities in a community of practice. 

Q.3: Explain in detail any two “Tacit Knowledge” capturing techniques used by the organizations.