Mindfulness report writing 3500 words need to run spss and apa style


1.Total 3500 words essay not including references

2.APA referencing style, no quotation

3.Statistical analysis, No pie graphs

4.At least 20 references

5.Only peer reviewed paper can be used for referencing, no wiki

6.Academic language

(Follow the writing style how the reading paper I have provided)

7.Research paper writing style

Abstract (250 words)

Introduction (500 words)

Review of background literature (very important 1000 words)

You can use the reading, but will need to find extra reading to write up

Method-Procedure-Results (very important 1250 words)

Need to section Hypothesis1-3

Discussion (500 words)

8.What are the examiner marking from.

Style of Report:

  • clarity of expression
  • organisation
  • presentation
  • completeness
  • succinctness


  • Review of background literature
  • Rationale for study
  • Clear research aims
  • Justified methodology
  • Appropriate treatment/analysis of data
  • Interpretation of data
  • Discussion
  • Appropriate use of APA format throughout including references