Module 2-slp | Computer Science homework help

The Root Beer Game Simulation


Instructions for running The Root Beer Game simulation:

Forio Group. (2011). Root beer game demo. HBR. Retrieved from


Running the simulation involves the following steps:

Review the Simulation Summary, Your Role, and How to Play sections under the

Prepare tab.

Go to the Analyze tab to run the simulation.

Submit your weekly order in the Enter Order field; At least 20 rounds are Necessary to get a good feel for the problems involved. When finished, review your performance under the Dashboard Overview, Inventory and Shipments, Orders and Backlog, and Cost Detail tabs.


Spend a maximum of 30 minutes working with the game. Then think about it in

conjunction with this module’s readings for perhaps another 15-20



Then, in 2-3 pages, address the following questions: APA FORMAT

1. What did you do in the simulation? What activities did you engage in? What

did you learn about what’s going on?

2. What have you learned about supply chain management from your

participation in this simulation?