Module 3 background – employment-at-will and progressive discipline

For this Case Assignment we will be focusing on

  • The Employment at Will Doctrine
  • Progressive Discipline

After reviewing the background reading, prepare a paper in which you

  • Summarize the Employment at Will Doctrine and its exceptions (approximately ½ page), and answer the follow questions:
  • Which of the exceptions to the Employment at Will Doctrine are most relevant to current HR practice and why?
  • What is Progressive Discipline? Summarize the steps in Progressive Discipline and Progressive Discipline’s approach to employee discharge.
  • How do the concepts and practices of employment at will and progressive discipline interact?
  • How important are the employment at will doctrine and progressive discipline to realizing employee potential and maximizing organizational outcomes? Explain your answer.

Case Assignment Expectations

Your paper should be 3 to 4 pages (not including cover and reference page). Submit your assignment by the module due date.


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