Module 9 discussion: using social and digital media for message


Using Comcast identify and list all the social media platforms it currently uses and briefly discuss how each platform is used.

  • Is it active?
  • Are posts, posted frequently?
  • In your opinion, what could be done differently?
  • If you think a good job is currently being done, briefly explain why.
  • If there is any additional insight you’d like to provide, please feel free.

Choose a minimum of THREE platforms (for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). 

Select FIVE different KPIs (discussed on page 185 and attached) you will use for EACH social media platform that you want to use to measure Comcast engagement.

Explain each KPI with as much detail as you can find – there is no word min/max. I am looking for concise detail that clearly conveys your KPI’s and why they are important for each social media platform. You MUST “think outside the box,” for this assignment. 

I will attach a sample of the writing request 

Must Use headers for each section.