MTH160-029 — Statistics – Spring, 2020 Minitab Final Project

The report should be approximately four to six-pages (excluding the cover sheet b graphs / tables you feel are relevant to your presentation).

  1. All assignments need to be submitted electronically in Blackboard/MyCour are PDF or Word (.doc, .docx, or .rtf)). No hand-written assignments will I Minitab Project files will be accepted. Proof-read and correct spelling, pun grammatical errors.
  2. The cover page should include —a. title b. your name c. the course name and section number (MTH160-029) d. the date

Spring, 2020
ITutoring Assistance is Acceptable

  1. The body of the project should include both an introductory section (indica supposed to learn) over the course of project) and a concluding section (summarizing the results of the project). ;criptivoly analyze data, determine shapes once intervals for a population parameter, 4. The remainder of the project will be your analysis. Within this analysis, yo, and/or determine relationships between March, 2020

MTH160-029 — Statistics I Minitab Final Project
ITutoring /
It’s time to use some of the statistical tools that you will learn (or supposed to learn this session. By the end of the semester, you will be able to descriptively analyze ( of distributions, apply basic probabilistic models, develop confidence intervals for a test selected hypotheses (claims) about a population parameter, and/or determine two variables.
is related to that” or “I think there is a If something has the following statistics to ‘prove’ it.”).
e a set of raw data and make some Minitab. Unlike the individual Minitab ct will use many of the Minitab ill be used in the last several
EFERRED) to collect your own iosen. The analysis should identify key Finally, based on your analysis, you summarize your findings.

you may find quantitative data for your
?ct Data.pdf. All the data files have been

I the cover sheet but including whatever
You may choose some topic of interest to you (e.g., “I think this is related to that” o3lackboard/MyCourses (acceptable forms difference between this and that” or “I think all (the population) of something has thi assignments will be accepted. No characteristic (within a certain range of values) and here are the statistics to `proveorrect spelling, punctuation and
The objective of the project is to determine whether you can take a set of raw data intelligent statistical analysis of it using an analytical tool such as Minitab. Unlike tl assignments, there is no guidebook for the project, but the project will use many of tools/options that had been used in the prior assignments and will be used in the la assignments.
Dry section (indicating the purpose of the You may use a data set that is provided or you may decide (PREFERRED) to colle( Jlts of the project). quantitative data. Use this data to analyze the topic you have chosen. The analysi characteristics of the data (using both calculations and graphs). Finally, based on this analysis, you will need: need to make sound statistical statements about the analysis to summarize your fin
Seven data sets have been put on Blackboard for your use OR you may find quant topic of interest.
Descriptions of the data sets can be found in the MINITAB Project Data.pdf. All the saved as .MTW (Minitab Worksheet files).
General Specifications:

a. Descriptive statistics: calculations and graphs that are appropriate to support or demonstrate the purpose of the project (In other words, don’t generate irrelevant graphs and statistics that have nothing to do with your analysis. Sometimes, LESS IS MORE). b. Inferential statistics: appropriately chosen tests (confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, and/or linear regression) to support the purpose of your project. If you decide to use confidence intervals, you are free to choose a level of confidence that would seem reasonable under the circumstances. Similarly, if you decide to perform a hypothesis test, you may choose a reasonable level of significance.

  1. Throughout the project, potential sources or error, bias, misinterpretation should be noted (these may be either foot-noted or placed in a separate report section).
    Possible Specifications can be found in the MINITAB Project Detailed Specs.pdf
    Project Timeline:
  2. Preliminary project plan must be submitted by Thursday, April 2nd (submitted electronically via email). This plan should be less than one page describing the topic and the data collection plan. Typically, one or two paragraphs in the body of an e-mail should suffice or you can send a Word Document. [For example: “I will use the Comparing Colleges data set and show that there is no statistical difference between the percentage of PhDs at Research Colleges versus Liberal Arts Colleges. I will show this by creating confidence intervals and showing that the confidence intervals for the two groups actually overlapl
  3. Approval / revision of plan will be made by Tuesday, April 14th. 3. Final project must be submitted by Tuesday, May 12th
    Grading: 10 points — Preliminary Project Plan (submitted on time and approved) 10 points — Final Project submitted on time. 25 points — Descriptive Statistics: calculations and graphs. 25 points — Inferential Statistics: correlation/regression, confidence intervals and/or hypothesis testing. 20 points — Consistent and reasonable conclusions. 10 points — Presentation (i.e., spelling, grammar, neatness, readability, etc.).
    March, 2020

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