Museum report( renaissance or baroque)

Museum report:

You should write a three page paper about a work of art of your choosing that is also relevant to the subject matter that is covered during the quarter. Your description of the work of art should be based on the themes and the styles of art discussed in the lectures. Any work that falls outside the time period covered in class (1300 AD-1800 AD) will not be accepted. Since this is not a research paper you should not use any other sources in writing your paper than the lecture notes and what you have learned from reading the text book assigned to class. Also, you do not need to use any particular style of writing since this is not a research paper, you only need to use word. Papers that are submitted without images will not be accepted.


The art work is found in Norton Simon Museum of Art 

411 W Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105

Phone:(626) 449-6840


choose one of the options 1) Christ crowned with thorns by Matthias Stom 2) Saint Joseph and the infant Christ by Giovanni battista Gaulli

Based on the book “Gardner’s art throught the ages, 14th edition, (Fred S Kleiner)

Remember to focus either Rainaissance or Baroque Art such as Rainaissance focuses on movements and Baroque art emphasize on emotion and drama, to indicate the meanings within the paint!!! (such as light means hope, strength)


add a photo, no plagiarism