Mysql database | inform | Graceland University

Create a MYSQL Database. (10 marks)

Create two/three Tables under the database; ensure there is one-to-many or many-to-many relationship in between tables. (15marks)

Write node code to insert data to all the tables. Create a generic function which will take the table name, query as parameter to insert data into the tables. (10 mark)

Write node code to get data from the tables. Create least 5 different queries to find data from database (the find queries must have combination of and/or/gt/ls/like commands available to retrieve data). Use table joins when you retrieving the data.(30 marks)

Write node code to update data into the table(20 marks)

Write node code to delete data from table. When you delete data ensure that related data in the other table also get deleted. (15mark)

How to submit the database:

1. Upload your node file.2. Create a screenshot of the output of read, insert, delete, and update functions