Need an argumentative essay on Analysis of Creating Blue Oceans. Needs to be 1 p

Need an argumentative essay on Analysis of Creating Blue Oceans. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.
The title of the reading, Creating Blue Oceans is effective and relevant since it relates to the reference company. Indeed, authors reckon that blue seas emanate from red seas through the expansion of existing industries as seen in Cirque du Soleil’s marketing strategy (Kim and Mauborge 5). The authors are informative, rational, and unbiased since they address all aspects of the topic. In fact, they introduce the merits, demerits, challenges, and risks of creating blue seas.
Moreover, they complete the discussion on a positive note by informing the audience on how to formulate and implement a blue ocean strategy by presenting the principles and analytical frameworks that will guarantee success in creating blue seas (Kim and Mauborge 19-21). The authors derive more understanding on the topic by describing the motivators that drive the need to create blue seas (Kim and Mauborge 8). The reading also explains how companies like Cirque du Soleil moved from red seas by making strategic moves that define the benefits of blue sea strategic moves (Kim and Mauborge 10). Just like in other businesses strategies, the reading recognizes value innovation as the foundation of a blue ocean strategy (Kim and Mauborge 12-14). In fact, the reading offers a clear description of how Cirque du Soleil created a blue ocean based on innovation to gain a competitive advantage in the market. The reading compares Red Ocean and blue ocean strategies to justify why Cirque du Soleil created a blue ocean.

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