Need an argumentative essay on The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Job

Need an argumentative essay on The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Job Performance: A Review of the Literature. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.
How job satisfaction influences the results has long been the subject of scholarly discussion. A wealth of literature was written, to explore the concept and meaning of job satisfaction, aspects influencing job satisfaction in various organizational environments, and the role which job satisfaction plays in driving better employee performance.
Regrettably, the connection between satisfaction and worker’s results is not properly researched. Job satisfaction is being influenced by many individual and organizational aspects. This paper will provide a brief insight into how contemporary literature treats the job satisfaction-job performance link, to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses and provide suggestions for the future investigation.
The discussion of the job satisfaction-job performance link is fairly regarded as one of the fundamental pillars of the contemporary organizational research. According to Fisher (2003), how job satisfaction impacts workplace performance has already become the “Holy Grail” of the modern organizational behavior science. For decades, scholars in organization sciences have been fascinated by the need to improve workplace morale and develop attitudes and policies needed to enhance employee performance. In this context, job satisfaction was traditional treated as one of the most reliable and, simultaneously, most enigmatic elements of organizational performance. The growing interest toward discussing the role of satisfaction in employees’ performance is grounded on a commonsense belief that only happy workers can be productive and only the employees who are pleased with their job will seek to improve their results (Fisher, 2003). Surprisingly or not, but contemporary research does not always support this commonsense belief, at the same time as the arguments are rather strong and serious. Although job satisfaction is believed to be an essential driver of

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