Need an argumentative essay on Thomas Aquinas Question 5: the general framework

Need an argumentative essay on Thomas Aquinas Question 5: the general framework of good. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.
On the other hand, Thomas believes that ultimate happiness comes from the divine and the seekers may one day contemplate God in one form or the other.
According to Aristotle, knowing God is almost impossible, as there is no creature on this earth, which can resemble him. However, Thomas argues that God can be known through his essence and human beings can achieve this knowledge through the intellectual vision of God, which satisfies the desire of the seeker. Aquinas describes this state of being as true happiness. He differs from secular perspectives of Aristotle, as Thomas acknowledges that there cannot be any true happiness without any relation to God, as the concepts of happiness has its origin and final goal in God.
According to the philosopher, saint Thomas, the goodness is termed as transcendental, as it encompass all the categories, like quantity, quality and substance, which are associated to goodness as good quality, good substance and so on. However, the philosopher and saint, Aquinas goes further to define the moral goodness in this question, which he believes is governed by the moral actions. While describing moral goodness, Aquinas relates it to virtuous goodness, pleasant and useful goodness.
Question 5 mainly investigates the three points. First, it explores the relation of goodness with ‘being’. Second, the relation of goodness with the ultimate end and third, the order in goodness, as being the way it is divided.
According to Summa theology, the Aquinas Question 5 relates to general goodness. The question mainly deals with the idea and thought regarding goodness and our being. Which has the priority in our thought process? Is there any cause related to goodness and is this attribute seen in species, mode or order? How does goodness relate to pleasantness, virtues and usefulness? The following paragraphs try to go

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