Need by monday | Criminal homework help

  • Submission must be a minimum of 500 words (this excludes your name, class information, title page, references, etc.).  This 500 word minimum refers to your actual response to the prompt.
  • Must fully address the prompt
  • Submissions must not contain spelling errors, grammar errors, syntax errors, errors in concepts, etc.  In other words, you are to proofread and edit your work before final submission. Expectation is that you use Grammarly to check your work for errors
    • See the Writing Resources Module for more information
  • No plagiarism!  See the course syllabus, university policy, the Getting Started Module, and the Writing Resources Module for more information
    • Please note that your submission will be processed through Turnitin.  Your submission should have less than 15% similarity as other sources (including direct quotes but excluding Title Page and References Page).  You can resubmit your assignment until the final deadline as many times as you want.  Note that after the third submission, it may take Turnitin up to 48 hours to process a new report.  Therefore, please plan accordingly.
  • Paper must use APA 7th edition format
    • References are not required but any statements of fact or thoughts that are not your own must be appropriately cited.
    • You are strongly encouraged to paraphrase rather than use direct quotes when using information from other sources .  This will help you to avoid exceeding the 15% similarity limit in Turnitin (see above and the syllabus for more information)
    • Title Page and Abstract not required


Find a news article that discusses a case of a person who identifies as LGBTQ+ and who is justice-involved.  After finding this article, read it and write a response that addresses the following:

  • Identify the circumstances of the case.  Specifically, how is the individual justice-involved?
    • Identify any offending behavior and victimization of the individual
  • Which theory best explains the case you are presenting?
    • Why did you pick this theory?  In other words, justify your choice
  • What has led the individual to come in contact with the justice system?
  • Do you agree with the justice system’s response?  Why or why not?