New product launch marketing plan

New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part III

Complete the final phase of your New Product Launch Marketing plan


Marketing Plan:


Complete the final phase of your New Product Launch Marketing plan.

Using the sample Marketing Plan in Marketing and Management (pp. 60-65) 571, consider your product launch to date, reflect on additional learning, and refine to create a Marketing Plan for your new product. Your plan should be no more than 3,500 words. Be sure to include the following:

·         Executive summary – DONE

·         Situational analysis – DONE

·         Market growth potential and competitive analysis – DONE

·         Segmentation, target market, and positioning – DONE

·         Pricing and distribution strategies – DONE

·         Marketing communication plan – DONE

·         Financial information(including forecasting demand, break-even,

·         sales, promotional budget, and marketing expense)

·          Intended marketing objectives for Y1, Y2, and Y3 – My part (need only marketing objectives)

·         Implementation milestones – Classmate Part

·         Evaluation and control metrics and methodology to measure – Classmate Part performance

·         Contingency planning – Classmate Part


IMPORTANT NOTES:  The New Product Launch Marketing Plan is a group effort and we have worked on it so far.  This is the last piece of it and my part (Intended marketing objectives for Y1, Y2, and Y3) needs to be only maybe 400 – 500 words maximum.  We will also create a Pitch In power point presentation for the entire project and other info provided is great appreciated.