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Component A: Perspective of working in partnership with families For this task, you are required to write 500 words (plus or minus 10%) where you make clear your perspective on working in partnership with families. In Module 2, Unit 1, Readings 2.1 – 2.4 gave you a clear sense of what working in partnership with families in a family-centred way entails. Draw on what you have learnt in the literature (as well as from your own experience) and write a 500-word perspective on working in partnership with families. Component C: Understanding and preparing for an IFSP Choose one (1) of the case study examples presented to you in Module 2, Unit 2. After reading the case study through carefully respond to these questions /instructions: 1. Who might attend the IFSP meeting, and why? 2. Briefly describe the IFSP process. 3. What might be two realistic goals that the parents have for their child in the EC setting, as well as one realistic goal that they might have for their family in general? 4. What will you do as the early childhood educator to help the family achieve these goals? For each goal describe what you will do, when and for how long. 5. What information and support might the parents need prior to their transition to your centre? Link your responses to the relevant readings in Module 2, Units 1 and 2.