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  • Type: Term paper
  • Subject: Criminal Justice
  • Topic: Criminal Justice Career
  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 4 pages/single spaced (2200 words)
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Order instructions:Criminal Justice Career Description Paper Instructions:

Your paper should generally follow the outline available in this folder on Blackboard. Your paper should be about four pages long, and you should have at least four scholarly citations to support it.

Your assignment:
Careers in criminal justice typically fall within the five concentrations available to students as majors in Criminal Justice at Stan State: Law Enforcement, Forensics, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, and Criminal Legal Studies. For this exploratory paper, do a little background work and think about what kinds of problems you want to solve after you graduate, and think about what you need to learn in order to solve them. Then, please pick a possible career path in criminal justice that deals with these problems, explain why you selected this career, and give a brief history of its origins. Then, explain the background requirements for the career, provide career details and job descriptions, and conclude with the ethical and professional conduct duties that are required to perform this job.Attachments area