Organization theory | Management homework help


Choose a specific industry/ market in a specific context (number of employees, market cycle…) and design your ideal organization (vision/ mission/ company culture or philosophy/ leadership / organizational design or chart / draw a physical space / processes using the theories studied (you may put footnote)

5 pages not including cover page annex and bibliography – you may write handwriting to draw the charts and physical space

The assessment is really about your ideal, even if you creative you need to show that you’ve learned something. Mention or refer the theories/ concepts / authors in footnotes in references at the end of the paper. You may use concepts and authors seen in the slides but also papers you had to prepare. One start would probably to use Mintzberg methodology

It could your dream company or a company that could function

· In the introduction – you should describe the environment of your organization

· what kind of industry/ market

· geographical/online,

· location or not (online)

· your main customers

· and maybe talk about how dynamic is your market.

· Market cycles: launching / growth / maturity / decline… where is your organization?

make sure you work on a draft and use some schemes or mind mapping and show it to others

What I will assess here

1. 1/ the use of the course concepts (your knowledge about the course

2. 2/ the logic, the consistency of your organization

Even if you’re crazy in your organization you need to be consistent in this craziness. for example, you can’t have a flat organization with a lot of hierarchy. It is not an English essay; it is more a memo with bullet points and visuals. 

Some author to depend on the work-paper:

– saint Simon

– Bentham

– Fourier

– Godin

– Fayol 

– Mary Parker Foller

– Max Weber 1864 – 1920

– Karl Edward Weick

– David Courpasson

– Frederick Taylor 1856 – 1915

– Douglas McGregor 1906 – 1964 – Theory X and Theory Y

– Andrew Campbell, Jo Whitehead, and Sydney Finkelstein.