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I will pay for the following article Codes of Cultural Behavior. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. In general France being a multiethnic country provides a basis for vast research for my assignment.

France national identity is based on historical origins of Celtic, Gallo-Romano and Frankish cultures. The France culture is very much influenced by their old traditions. hence it’s difficult to change their practices. France operates under constitution that was born in 1958, which has not changed to date. this shows the French are comfortable with their governance. After the world war two this country was greatly affected in terms of decreasing fertility levels among sexes, economic imbalances, also decreased social economic resources available. The government is highly centralized. The culture promotes equality for all. Religious freedom is guaranteed by the constitution and it’s a personal choice of every citizen in France .religion is however one of the main conflicts in France, however the French stand for their religious beliefs Catholism being the dominant religion although there are several Jews and approximately 1200 Islamic organizations. France however is a secular country as most people rarely attend masses. The official language in France is French since the nineteenth century, although local dialects such as Breton, Catalan and Basque are still in use and some are taught in some regional schools. Major social problems include, homelessness, terrorism, economic instabilities and AIDS (Thomas pg246).the population according to the census is 1999 was about 58.5 million which is approximated to be more than that at the moment (Agulhon pg105)

Do learn some French phrases before travelling to France like bonjour which is their hello, merci which is thanks and au revoir which is French for good-bye. This will take you a long way as they appreciate tourists learning some little French and use it while talking to them.

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I will pay for the following article Compaer between to company playstation3 and Xbox. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. PlayStation versus Xbox The PlayStation which is even known as PS is a brand used by the company Sony Computer Entertainment for its line of gaming consoles and is Japan based company which started operating during the period of 1994. Today the company Sony Computer Entertainment sells various products under the PlayStation brand name. These products include: three different homes based gaming consoles, a center of media, online services, several gaming controllers, a phone along with handhelds and various magazines. Xbox is a brand name used by the company Microsoft for its product of gaming consoles which started operating during the period of 2001 in the region of North America. Its direct competitors in the gaming console markets are PlayStation and Dreamcast and even Nintendo. It is an America based gaming console producing company. Both these companies and the services and the products offered by these companies are quite different from each other.

There is tremendous amount of different in the market share of both the gaming consoles. The PlayStation gaming console which was the first PlayStation produced by the Sony Computer Entertainment company sold around 100 million gaming consoles within a period of 9 years and six months since the day it was distributed. The second line of gaming console distributed under the brand name of PlayStation was PlayStation2 was able to ship over 150 million gaming consoles till the period of 2011. The third gaming console that was distributed under the brand umbrella of PlayStation was PlayStation3 which was able to ship over 70 million gaming consoles by 2012 and its distribution started in 2006. In comparison, Xbox was able to sell its only 9.25 million gaming consoles during the period of 2012 and this means that Xbox 360 experienced a decline of 24.8% in the games figure in comparison to the sales figure of 2011 which was 12.3 million gaming consoles (DAngelo 1).

The PlayStation is even recognized for the sale of handheld gaming consoles and these gaming consoles are recognized as PSP which have helped PlayStation in positioning itself in a better manner than Xbox as Xbox does not have any handheld gaming consoles. Secondly, PlayStation provides online gaming support through its PlayStation gaming console and an extra console is not required to be purchased to play online. While Xbox even provides online gaming support, but players have to purchase Xbox Live which is an online version of Xbox 360 and is especially designed for online game play. One of the main different between these two companies is that although both the companies allow their gamers to play online for various single player and multiplayer games, but PlayStation allows its users to play online without charging them any cost, while Xbox charges for subscription if users want to play online. During the period of 2007, Xbox was able to only attract 3 million subscribers for its online gaming services while as of 2006, PlayStation had over 50 million subscribers for the online multiplayer gaming services offered by PlayStation.

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I will pay for the following article Comparative evaluation. The work is to be 1 page with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. We have read three speculative essays in out textbook, Reading critically, Writing well: Stephen King’s Why We Crave Horror Movies, Shanker Vedantam’s The Telescope Effect and Sheila McClain’s Fitness Culture: A Growing Trend in America. It is instructive to compare the way each of these writer handles counterarguments and alternative views.

Stephen King is claiming that “we’re&nbsp.all&nbsp.mentally ill. those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better” (69). A counterargument to this claim is that it is misleading for King to claim that all humans are abnormal in some way. Simply relying on the idea of watching horror movies does not in any way make all of us to be abnormal. In fact, I am aware of a good number of people who dislike watching horror movies. In my view, his generalizations give those with contrary opinion enough reasons to counter his argument.

On the other hand, Shanker Vedantam is exploring the manner in which our brains process tragedy and empathy by considering the “telescope effect”. The main argument present in this text is that telescope effect in human brain is responsible for human behaviour where a person would care so much for the good of a few rather than the good of the many. The choice to use real life examples in countering possible counterarguments makes the claim that the author makes believable.

Finally, Sheila McClain, in her article Fitness Culture: A growing Trend in America, is discussing how celebrity endorsements of fitness centres is gradually increasing but doing very little to maintain the motivation of those clients. The arguments she is presenting here is on how human minds can easily be manipulated. It is shocking people end up doing things simply because a celebrity has endorsed only to feel less motivated after a while. She handles counterarguments by presenting examples in real life.

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I will pay for the following article Comparing between the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and the Maltese Falcon. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series and Dashiell Hammett’s The Maltese Falcon are two novels of the 19th century that leave a lasting impression to its readers. Noticeably, the most significant similarity for these novels are that they embodied what a good detective story should be. They are able to grab the reader’s attention and to keep them guessing. Only when the surprising twist in the end of the story is disclosed does one get the amazing feeling of finally understanding the plot and how everything falls into place. The novels have many similarities but they also have a number of differences. Ultimately, the weaving of the stories by their authors makes them both interesting pieces of literature.

There are very strong characters in the central characters, Sherlock Holmes and Samuel Spade. The two are both detectives by profession who have their own detective agencies. Additionally, they also have partners who work with them in solving the mysteries. There is however a difference in the relationship among the characters and their partners. Holmes thinks highly of his colleague, Dr. John H. Watson. The stories of Sherlock Holmes are all within the perspective of Dr. Watson. It is through his eyes that the reader gets a good appreciation of the brilliance of Holmes as a detective. A majority of the novels begin with the phrase “I had called upon my friend Sherlock Holmes” such as in The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Or, it may also begin with Watson’s recollection of some other incident which stirred the curiosity of the great detective such as “On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my friend Sherlock Holmes” in The Adventure of the Speckled Band.

On the other hand, the relationship of Spade and his partner, Miles Archer, is very shaky at the very least. Spade thinks of him as nothing more than a partner, and much more, he has an ongoing affair with his wife even after Archer has died. Spade’s determination to look for the killer is not because he wants to give justice to a friend’s death, he reasons, “When a man’s partner is killed he’s supposed to do something about it. It doesn’t make any difference what you thought of him. He was your partner and youre supposed to do something about it” (Hammett 116).

The role of police officers is a significant point in the lives of detective. After all, they are doing the job of law enforcers privately and for a fee. Holmes keeps a pleasant relationship with policemen as much as he can. Mostly, the characters do not go to the police when something occurs up until the time they are certain of the facts through the investigation of Holmes. He does think lowly of the police officers oftentimes but do not say negative things upfront. In The Red-Headed League, he talks about Inspector Peter Jones and states that “He is not a bad fellow, though an absolute imbecile in his profession. He has one positive virtue. He is as brave as a bulldog and as tenacious as a lobster if he gets his claws upon anyone” (Doyle). Spade also demeans law enforcers, but unlike Holmes, he tells it right to their face. He and Lieutenant Dundy despise each other and they do not hide it. In the end of The Maltese Falcon, when it was revealed that it was the boy who killed Archer he laughed at Dundy who suspected him, “What in hell’s the matter with your little playmate, Tom? He looks heartbroken” (Hammett 117).

The differences between the two protagonists make them more interesting. They have different styles and this also gives the reader different experiences. Sir Doyle presents a detective who is so intelligent that he notices all the minor things in a person and then he is able to determine that person’s motives and how he fits in the story. The partnership between Holmes and Watson is admirable because they bring out the best in each other. Conversely, Hammett presents a character that is real because he has flaws. He is very honest and though he is corrupt he does not hide behind any façade. His relationship with his partner Archer is strange but he did keep his word that he will find his killer and true enough he did.

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I will pay for the following article Comparing two projects. The work is to be 42 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. rojects preceded from necessity but while the Gautrain project is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the province of Gauteng and the Bombela Consortium, the A380 is a flagship project of a company whose majority shares are owned by European governments under a “Contractual Partnership.”

As a PPP, the Gautrain project was initiated by the Gauteng province, which provided the land and the accompanying pertinent legislations. On the other hand, concessionaire Bombela, the winning private concessionaire, took care of the rest – subcontracting various aspects of the works from the civil works, electrical and mechanical works, operations and maintenance to its various partners. The risks are therefore shifted from Gauteng to Bombela. Airbus, on the other hand, divided the work on the A380 among its several partners whose plants are located across the European continent in accordance with the latter’s specialisation. their finished products eventually transported to Airbus’ main headquarters in Toulouse, France for assembly work. The cost of production of the Gautrain was primarily shouldered by the private concessionaire while the A380 was shouldered alone by the airplane manufacturer partly from money loaned to it by the respective government partners under a “launch loan.”

Of the nine provinces constituting South Africa (SA hereafter), Gauteng is the smallest with its area comprising a mere 1.4% of the entire area of the country. As can be seen from Fig. 1, Gauteng (in yellow) is located in the northeastern portion and is landlocked by four other SA provinces. Despite its area and inaccessibility to export and import terminals, Gauteng is the economic center of South Africa 1 and is home to most of SA’s corporate headquarters and financial sector located in the province. 2 It comprises three very important urban areas: Pretoria, the capital of South Africa where the national political government is located.

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I will pay for the following article Comparison of US / Other health system. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Nursing Nursing Claudia Sanmartin and Edward (2002-03) explain that, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is such an organization, which conducts multi-country health surveys among its member countries. The United States of American and Canada are part of this organization too. US and Canada, share the same borders and has been comparing their health care system with each other and worldwide too. The heath care comparison between these two countries is observed on the basis: of 1. Self-reported – it includes the reports on the ranking of good, very good and excellent health. The record shows that this percentage has been a bit higher among Canadians than Americans. 2. Mobility limitations – overall report stated that the rate of limitation is slightly higher in America as compared to Canadian. That is because of the higher severe limitations among American women. 3. Depression – the rate of depression recorded on the basis of past 12months has been the same in both the countries. In both the countries, the people with the lowest income has been facing the poorer health issues along with the higher rate of severe mobility limitations, obesity and smoking. In US the health inequalities basing the both high and low income people, is high as compared to Canada. People with lower income in America are poorer in health and severe mobility limitations as compared to the low income people of Canada (Edward, 2002, p. 8-13).

These two country’s health care system is totally different from each other, where US has a multi-player, highly confidential. Canada has a single player, publically funded system mostly. Canada’s system is much applicable than US system, it is being projected that US will adopt Canada’s system of single player. Canada is doing much more for its people, gaining less in return. Canada is spending far less GDP of 10.4 percent on health care, whereas US is spending 16 percent. Canada is also providing universal health care access for its citizen, and along with less GDP it is doing much better than US (Comparing the US and Canadian Health Systems, 2014)

These both countries know less about each other’s health care system. Americans mostly depend on the negative points highlighted from political debates. In America, one in five non-elder citizens are uninsured, and this debate have been into the highlights from years. When it comes to health service, Canada has none financial barriers, whereas US exercise these barriers and is expected to continue this pattern in future either. Likewise, Canadians provide the public funded health care services to needy patients at border, and they also provide urgent care clinic if the patient run out of budget or if they have to use some out-of-network doctor. It shows that, Canada simply provides the medical care services on need, whereas US provides their services on the basis of price. That is all because, Canada’s health care system is publically funded, and the recorded coverage of Canada is more than the coverage of US. When we look at the social determinants of health, it has been observed that the aboriginal population in America needs quality of care and health improvement programs. Even the Native Americans aren’t provided with the quality care by Indian Health Service. But in Canada this case is different. Michael Decter said that, their aim is to spend more money on education than on health care, for the improvement of aboriginal population. That is because better education is parallel to better health. (Lieberman, 2014)


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I will pay for the following article Concept of correlation. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Correlation Analysis Correlation analysis is done to measure the strength or magnitude of linear association between two variables. As per definition, a correlation coefficient must lie between -1 and +1. If the correlation between two variables is high, than the model fits the data well depending on whether it is positively or negatively correlated. While, if the correlation is low, than the model is not providing a good fit to the data.

We can explain correlation with the help of graphs

Figure 1: Perfectly Positive Correlation

The graph above shows that the variables are perfectly positively correlated as an increase in the value of independent variable causes the value of dependent variable to increase by the slope of the equation. An example of a perfectly positive correlation can be supply of good with respect to the price of good. As the price increase, the suppliers tend to supply more of the product.

Figure 2: Perfectly Negative Correlation

This graph above shows that the variables are perfectly negatively correlated as an increase in the value of the independent variable causes the value of dependent variable to decrease by the slope of the equation. An example of a perfectly negative correlation can be the demand of good with respect to the price of good. As the price increase, the consumers tend to less of the product.

Figure 3: Minimal Correlation

The third case where the correlation is positive but close to zero since the variables are not closely associated and the data are not scattered around a positive line.

The correlation between two variables is weak if they are close to zero whether they are negative or positive. GDP and interest rates of the economy are correlated but the magnitude of correlation is very low. On the other side, there might be a strong correlation between smoking and lung cancer.

In the article published by Goolsbee and Guryan (2005) we can infer the correlations among the several variables. The table below illustrates how these variables are related:

Variable A

Variable B

Positive, Negative, Minimal Correlation:

Number of school lunch

eligible students in the


Amount of funding

received by the school for

federal and state



Positive Correlation

Impact of subsidy received

Age of students at school

Minimal Correlation

Number of classrooms

connected to the Internet

Student performance, as

measured by standardized

test scores

Minimal Correlation

Teachers’ comfort level

with the Internet

Ability of teachers to use

Internet effectively with

their students

Positively Correlated

1) As per the government policy, the federal government subsidizes or gives free school lunches to students whose family income is below a certain level, usually close to the poverty level. So higher the number of eligible students for lunch, higher will be the amount of funding received by the school

2) Age is not correlated with the impact of subsidy received

3) As mentioned in the case study that increase in classroom Internet connections did not prove to have a profound impact on student achievement, as measured by test scores in a variety of subjects.

4) The authors pointed that if teachers are uncomfortable working with the technology they cannot use internet effectively with their students.

WidgeCorp can use this correlation analysis to effectively market its cold drinks in public schools. Since we know that there is a positive correlation between free school lunches and poverty level therefore WidgeCorp can approach the government to offer quality foods at affordable rates. There will be a stiff competition on the basis of price therefore as a case of bulk discounting WidgeCorp should offer quality foods to Government on competitive prices.


Goolsbee , A. & Guryan, J. (2005). The Impact of Internet Subsidies in Public School.

Avaialable from site: http:// faculty.chicagobooth.edu/austan.goolsbee/research/erate.

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I will pay for the following article Conceptual Art as a Response to Modernism. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The essay “Conceptual Art as a Response to Modernism” analyzes conceptual art. Conceptual art was a critique and a pushback against modernism, simply because modernism had a structure and a place in history and theory of art. According to Harrison & Wood, modernist art assumes the relationship between art and language and art and theory. Theoretical art, according to Harrison & Wood is post hoc, in that it builds upon tradition and what has gone before. In this sense, modernist art, while new and a repudiation of traditional art forms, still retained a semblance of previous art forms. The modernists explored the future in their art, and built their concepts on the “new man,” yet, the forms that they explored did not stray to far from traditional art, as they looked for a “different means of expression best suited to each component of his language: line, surface and color”. In other words, artists explored different ideas and different ways of creating art, and different means of expression, yet these explorations occurred within the confines of accepted art forms, such as painting, sculpture and the like. So, it is perhaps ironic that one of the fathers of the conceptual art movement was a man who was associated with modernism, and that was Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp was the first artist who conceptualized everyday items as works of art. Or, rather, he was the first artist who was able to turn everyday items into works of art, simply by stating that these items were something else entirely.

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I will pay for the following article Contemporary History of Middle East. The work is to be 13 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. When British and Russian Empires were in a great tussle to have their control in the&nbsp. Central Asia, which is known as Great Game in history, Alfred Thayer Mahan realized the strategic importance of this region and of the Persian Gulf as well and called the area the Middle East.&nbsp.Mahan used this term in his article. “The Persian Gulf and International Relations, published in the issue of September 1902 in National Review.

This term invited many criticisms for it reflected the Euro centrism to many historians. ². the British labeled Balkan and Ottoman Empire as Near East before the First World War and the region of Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia was referred to as the Middle East. The United States government first used this term officially in 1957 in the Eisenhower Doctrine and in 1958 the State Department marked the region of Middle East including the areas of Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.³

A-Discuss the difficulties faced by the Middle Eastern empires in adapting to the intellectual, technological, economic, political and social challenges presented by the West in the 18th and 19th centuries.

There was a time when Islamic civilization was imposing and its influences extended from the border of China to Spain. It owed its nourishing to Greek antiquity, synthesizing it with Persian and Syrian influences and added valuable contributions in mathematics and music. “Islam was also a paradox. Its social assumptions were feudal and patriarchal” but it tolerated other religions to a high degree. 4. Islam could not demarcate between secular and religious law it was deficient in the sense of divine law or natural law which was the foundation of the Greco-Roman concept of a constitutional state which also provided the determination to the Greco-Western to fight against despotism. In the 10th to 13th century by incorporating Hellenism Islam became unorthodox and interesting religion. But it could not bring itself to the anti despotic values as were observed in the West by continuous renaissance and by the incorporating anti-despotic imagery of Hellenism.

The history of rising and fall of the Ottoman Empire is a good document of the real tragedy of Islamic Civilization.

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I will pay for the following article COUNCIL/BOARD MEETING. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Council/board meeting Affiliation: The meeting attended was for the of Saskatoon on the 20th of January, 2014. There were a lot of discussions on the various agendas but the most capturing of all and which was also vivid and hence understandable was in regards to administrative reports which had plans for the community services which were under the community services department.

This report contained plans regarding the how the land in that area would be used and people had been making applications and stating the purpose for the land. The most notable among the planning and operations committee recommendations from the community services department however was the age-friendly Saskatoon initiative report which was on the phase 2 level. This project which was being led by the Saskatoon Council of Aging was formulated with the intention of supporting the older adults in that area to advance in their age having dignity, independence and proper health care. The project was important to the community of Saskatoon because it not only has many older generation people but it would be a long lasting project serving the community for decades to come if well built.

The support of the project by the mayor and other committee members would come because it is consistent with the aspiration of that city to offer its residents a better and desirable quality of life for its entire people and for long time to come. The completion of this project will also be in line with the fulfillment of their policy of positive aging and improving communication and community participation with the older generation. The project was referred to as the Age friendly Saskatoon Initiative.

This report presented in the meeting also included an in depth pictorial report which indicated the dimensions of the plan which was inclusive of outdoor spaces, housing, social participation, access to information and communication and even transportation. There were no financial or environmental implications mentioned in the report at this particular meeting as it was basically about the plans. The success of this project as indicated in the meeting was crucial as it involved many stakeholders and initiative partners such as the Saskatoon Housing Authority, Saskatoon Public Library, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon Health Region and Saskatchewan Seniors Fitness Association Services for seniors among others. The quick completion of the project was mentioned as being crucial due to the increase in the number of people above 65 years who were mentioned to be at 13% of the total population presently and this number was on the increase.

According to the planning committee, the different dimensions mentioned above of the initiative serve different purposes. The outdoor spaces was to encourage activity among the aged including walking which would provide them with fitness as well as clean air during the summer season. The transportation was to ease mobility, the housing to provide shelter, security and independence while the social participation was to encourage mingling and communication as well as offer entertainment platform for the senior citizens to engage in social activities. The communication and information will provide a channel for them keeping abreast of the happenings not only in their community but the world at large while at the same time reducing boredom and monotony. This would be catered for by the Saskatoon Public Library


City of Saskatoon. (January 20th, 2014). Order of Business: Regular Meeting of City Council. Retrieved from: http://www.saskatoon.ca/CITY%20COUNCIL/meetings/Pages/MinutesandAgendas.