-perceptiveness and thoroughness of critical evaluation based on any


Note that:

The organization that I’ve chosen is “Sultan Qaboos University Hospital” and the department is HIS “Hospital Information System IT”.

Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the rise of knowledge management, what knowledge management is, why it is important, and why it is complex.

2. Classify different approaches to KM and apply these to a small case study.

3. Evaluate critically a substantial case study using systems ideas and knowledge management.

Assignment Objective

Brief aim/objective of the assignment

Evaluate critically using the different approaches and the concepts of KM on a substantial case study using systems ideas with respect to knowledge management.

Assignment Task

Note: Choose any one of the organization/parts of organization (Department) where you have online access to the data and functions to process the working without breaching any confidentiality.

Task No 1

a) Choose an organization/Department and demonstrate a logical structure and layout of the organization. Identify and present the issues/challenges before implementing KM within the context of the chosen Organization/Department in the assigned task.

b) Apply research skills to examine and demonstrate knowledge of analyzing organisational information and of the literature relevant to the issues of knowledge management system.

c) Critically appraise and present the situation under consideration using Knowledge Management Life Cycle (KMLC) concept of KM or KM as a whole and be able to bring out clear representation with respect to people/technology/processes or all.

d) Carry out a knowledge audit for the above chosen organisation/department/function. Present the audit outcome in a tabular format with appropriate details containing both the present and the future state and with appropriate recommendations. Provide the necessary recommendations and conclusions based on your analysis of the case situation.

Report Outlines:

-Introduce organization/core functions/your focus

-Conceptual discussion

-Identifying, understanding and presenting the problem perspective or issues within the context of the case undertaken and the assigned task. Present intellectual capital – all categories with issues.

-Brief comments/summary

-Intellectual capital management strategies (KMLC) – Focus should be more on literature review

-Application of research skills and literature


-Quality Recommendations based on the critical analysis based on Knowledge Audit


*** Words count = 3400 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded video that explains the whole assignment.