Personal statemet | Management homework help

Personal statement is an important element of your application. It is your opportunity to draw our attention to your academic accomplishments, professional experiences and personal aspirations, and to stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

It is very important that you write a personal statement specific to the programme/concentration you are applying for admission to, as it will be carefully considered during our evaluation of your application. Please use a maximum of 2 pages total for your personal statement, and decide for yourself which information you consider to be of most relevance and which information to omit.

*If you have a legal right of admission, you don’t have to write a personal statement. You can instead upload a blank document in the personal statement section in your application on the application portal.

1. Tell us about yourself

Describe yourself in a few sentences, highlighting the personal characteristics you find most relevant to your application

What can you contribute to the programme/concentration, considering your academic, extra-curricular or professional merit? What makes you stand out?

Describe and discuss the prior academic accomplishments you find most relevant to your application

Describe and discuss the prior professional experiences or extra-curricular accomplishments you find most relevant to your application

If you have an existing connection to the labour market in Denmark, for example via a student job with a Danish company, internship in a Danish organisation or another professional network in Denmark, please make sure to mention it. If you don’t have an existing connection, state that clearly and move on to other topics.

2. Tell us what you want to study at CBS and why 

Why are you interested in this academic field? Which specific criteria or experiences is your decision to pursue studies in this field based on?

Why this programme/concentration?

What interests you in the programme/concentration description? Are there any particular keywords that immediately grab your attention? Why?

Which aspect or component do you find especially challenging? Why? Do you have any strategies in mind to overcome these challenges?

Given what you know about CBS, why do you want to study this programme/concentration at CBS compared to other universities? What criteria helped you choose CBS?

What would you do if your application were rejected? Do you have a plan B programme, university, internship, work experience or the like?

3. Tell us about your future plans after graduation from CBS

Which academic, extra-curricular or professional characteristics do you want to develop in the future? How will pursuing this programme/concentration further your growth in these respects?

What are your plans after graduation? Specify concrete career trajectories or advanced academic paths, making sure to lay out the reasoning behind your choices.