Pestal analysis | English homework help


Pick a company which is not famous. Criterion for “not famous” is there should be no PESTEL analysis available on the internet. As such, any help from outside is considered a violation of the requirements of this assignment and is equivalent to fail. 

Assume you are a consultant and trying to help the decision makers of the company to decide which channel of global business they should use to enter the Canadian market. So, first explain in brief which of the pull or push factors are encouraging you to enter the Canadian market. Explaining this should demonstrate your understanding of the push-pull factors. Then explain why you have decided in favor of this channel of global business.

Only then should you do your PESTEL analysis in a table format or any other way that is brief and concise. Please don’t lecture on PESTEL. Show you understand how to use data from the PESTEL areas and analyze them based on the situation you are in, in your case penetrating another market under push/pull factors as well as your channels of global business.

You don’t need to cover many factors under each PESTEL area. Two would be enough as long as you do them right, if you don’t make it relevant larger numbers of PESTEL factors wont help you either.

Always ask yourself “Is anyone ready to pay for the stuff I have written?”, “Is there added to value to what I am bringing to the analysis?”

My rule of thumb is read a lot, write less. It will be good. 

And again, if you don’t enjoy it, you wont exceed.