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Please read the instruction carefully I have attached the diagram at the bottom.


Find a picture from a media source (movies, TV, comics, video games, etc.) that contains either something that is producing sound waves or something that is producing light waves. Place the picture in the following diagram template and cite the image using APA format:

Open your diagram template and do the following:

1. Move and resize the red circle so that it is around an object in your diagram that is producing sound or light and label it in the key.

2. Move and resize the black waves so that they are indicating the direction the light or sound wave is acting. ou may also copy and paste these waves to produce more if needed.

3. Move, rotate, and resize the green double arrow so that it indicates how wavelength would be measured within this wave.

4. Move the orange dot to a place on the diagram where reflection may occur.

5. Move the purple dot to a place on the diagram where refraction may occur.

6. Save your diagram as a PDF and upload the completed file below.