Please Read Chapter One Of Society And Technological Change The Nature Of Techn

Please read Chapter One of Society and Technological Change: The Nature of Technology.

Once complete, please reflect upon, and craft a response to the following:

Thinking about the nature of technology, do you find that technology is inherently equal or fair? Does technology, and its uses, effect individuals equally? Is technology, or can it be, gendered? It technology independent any individual or society?

Please allow for sufficient time in reflecting upon these questions. Craft your response and provide narratives to support.

These discussions will begin the process of thinking and reflecting upon technology in both a critical and analytical manner. Begin to look beyond the ideas of good vs evil, right vs wrong, and begin to consider the construct and nature, the system and process, of technology.

Text Book : Volti, Rudi. Society and Technological Change, 8th ed. Worth (2017)

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