Programming Assignment 5 4 Author

write a program that reads a students name together his or her test scores the program should then compute the average test score for each student and assign the appropriate grade. the grade scale is as follows:90-100, A; 80-89, B; 70-79, C; 60-69, D; 0-59, F.your program must use the following functions:A. a void function, calculateAverage, to determine the average of the five test scores for each student. use a loop to read and sum the five test scores. (this function does not output the average test score that task must be done in the function main.) B. a value-returning function, calculateGrade, to determine and return each students grade. (this function does not output the grade that task must be done in the function main.)test your program on the following data read the data from a file and send the output to a file do not use any global variables use the appropriate parameters to pass values in and out of functionsjohnson 85 83 77 91 76aniston 80 90 95 93 48cooper 78 81 11 90 73gupta 92 83 30 69 87blair 23 45 96 38 59clark 60 85 45 39 67kennedy 77 31 52 74 83bronson 93 94 89 77 97sunny 79 85 28 93 82smith 85 72 49 75 63The output should be of the following form: (fill in the last two columns in the last line showing the class average.)Student test1 test2 test3 test4 test5 average grade76487387596783978263class average =im attaching my code

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