Project 6 final | Information Systems homework help


Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapter 11 in your course textbook and the article 16 Coaches’ Biggest Public-Speaking Gaffes (And How to Avoid Them) Download 16 Coaches’ Biggest Public-Speaking Gaffes (And How to Avoid Them).

For this final video presentation, you will use the following scenario: Your company is rolling out a new technology platform or software program for global communications and operations in your organization. You are an upper-level manager who needs to send a communique out to mid-level managers who are to disseminate the information to their teams. You want to ensure that you communicate proper expectations to the managers for them to deliver to their team. You, as the upper-level manager, should model the behavior for the mid-level managers to follow.

You have two technology platform options from which to select.

Option 1: Meeting Management Software. This option gives you the opportunity to use any meetings software platform or software that your organization currently uses or has used in the past. Identify a platform or software technology that is being retired as well as the new technology that is being rolled out.

Option 2: If your technology is proprietary, or if you have no experience with communications and data management technology, pick two of the following communication platforms to research and compare: Skype, Zoom, Adobe Connect, WebEx. Identify which of the platforms is the currently used technology that is being retired and which is the new platform being rolled out.

Using one of the recording options listed below, in a 3- to 5-minute video presentation,

  • Justify the platform that is being rolled out.
    • Select two benefits and two challenges of the tool over the technology that is being retired due to obsolescence.
  • Indicate the date that the new technology will be rolled out (select any date).
  • Outline the steps the organization would take to disseminate the technology.
  • Explain channel richness and its value to communication in this instance.
  • Examine the role of international and intercultural interpersonal communications in today’s global businesses.
  • Interpret the importance of both verbal and nonverbal management communication.
  • Utilize proper speaking and presentation techniques in a group setting.

The Communicating a Technology Rollout final project,

  • Must be 3 to 5 minutes in length and address each of the required elements.
  • Must include a professional introduction of yourself and your role in the organization.
  • Must include the body of the presentation that includes each of the bulleted directives listed above.
  • Must wrap up the presentation with a summary and a call to action.

Use one of the following video recording options. This Canvas Video Submission Instructions  (Links to an external site.)document will show you how to record a video using Canvas and also explains how to upload a video that was recorded using Screencast-O-Matic or Zoom.