Project assignment one-story single family house (maku residence) | Estimating 1 | Florida International University, Modesto A. Maidique Campus

The objective of the term project assignment is to prepare a Bid Proposal for constructing a one-story single
family  house  (MAKU  Residence).  Students  must  approach  the  assignment  from  the  perspective  of  a  
construction contractor attending a bid, and prepare a professional price proposal using their knowledge,
skills and common sense. This requires proper efforts with regards to:
• Reading and understanding plans;
• Recognizing construction work items;
• Surveying the quantity for various types of work;
• Using cost databases to acquire cost of construction efforts;
• Estimating indirect and total cost of construction; and
• Submitting and presenting a professional proposal of their cost estimation.
General requirements of the proposal are as following:
• This is an individual assignment and students will not be allowed to work in groups.
• Use the project plans and other reference material posted on Canvas to identify the scope of work
in this project and complete the quantity take-off.
• Follow the CSI MasterFormat® (2004 Edition) in organizing the cost estimate proposal.
• Use  the  R.S.  Means  Online  website  (  to  get  cost  data  for  all  
identified work items. It is the students’ responsibility to follow up on the invitation email to setup
an account on the R.S. Means Online website and to inform the instructor immediately if they have
not received such email (double check your email spam folder).
• In case of any missing or incomplete information, students can make reasonable and justifiable
assumptions.  All  assumptions  must  be  clearly  listed  in  the  proper  sections  of  the  proposal,  as  
described later in this document.