Project assignment | Organic chemistry homework help


(Fluorine Element)  you will provide the information listed and additional information as specified in the attached document.  You will submit a Microsoft Word file of your project – on the Word file, the  softcopy,  the hyperlinks must be hot! (they must work!!)

You will submit the softcopy to your course Blackboard site, using SafeAssign to check for plagiarism. You will be allowed a maximum of 3 submissions; your last submission will be graded.

To submit your assignment, click on the “Element Project” link above.

The points for your project will be as follows:

  5 – Table data

  5 – Table citations, references

  5 – Text, proper citations

  5 – Bibliography or list of references, correct format

  5 – Softcopy, hyperlinks

25 – Cover page, narrative text (neatness, originality, avoidance of plagiarism, etc.)

50 – Total points