Project risk and mitigation | Information Systems homework help



In Milestones One and Two, you dug into the scenario involving the student degree progress project at Regatta University. In Milestone One, you examined project roles then described the project in concise form. In Milestone Two, you analyzed the work assigned to a technical role in relation to an integrated project schedule then envisioned a new project element and its implications for the project timeline.

Now, in Milestone Three, you will draft two key sections of your final project. In this milestone, you will identify and describe a project risk from the list of risks included in the Project Management Document Excel workbook, then you will recommend risk mitigation strategies.

Specifically, in this milestone, you will compose Sections II and III of the final project.

Section II includes selecting a specific risk, explaining why that risk needs attention, and explaining why it should be addressed. You will also explain the implications for the project if this risk is not addressed.

Section III is a recommendation for a risk mitigation strategy. Here, you will explain the steps to be taken to mitigate the risk and how these actions may affect the project. You will then explain why your proposed strategy is the best course of action.