Psy 223 module 7 final project solution

Submit your statistical analysis report. In this submission, you will complete Section II, Parts C, D, E, and F; Section III, Part A; and Sections IV and V. You will then combine those with the work you have done in your milestones, revised to incorporate all feedback gained throughout the course. It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the critical elements of the final project.

Please use the Final Project Template when submitting your project.


Introduction: Scenario (From Milestone 1)

Introduction: Scenario Agrees (From Milestone 1)

Introduction: Ethical Issues (From Milestone 1)

Introduction: Ensure Alignment (From Milestone 1)

Data Analysis: Sample (From Milestone 2)

Data Analysis: Statistical Procedures (From Milestone 2)

Data Analysis: Chance Factors 

Data Analysis: Mean and Standard Deviation

Data Analysis: Histogram (may need to attach separate excel file with histograms and other graphs).

Data Analysis: Shape 

Hypothesis: Whether One Mean is Higher 

Hypothesis: Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis (From milestone 3)

Results: Valid 

Results: Statistically Significant 

Results: Graphs (may need to attach separate excel file with histograms and other graphs). 

Conclusion: Interpretation 

Conclusion: Data Analysis Procedures 

Conclusion: More Statistical Procedures