Q Piim Calculator G Poriodio Table 9 A Chromatogram Givea An Ideal Gaussian Pea (1)

Consider the equilibration of a weak base B (Kb = 2.89 × 10-5) between water (phase 1) and benzene (phase 2).

.fi. Q Piim ] Calculator g Poriodio Table 9 A chromatogram givea an ideal Gaussian peak with t- = 9.60 min and who = I124 min.How many theoretical plates doaa the column have? Nun-her What is the plate height (in mm) of the column if the column is 12.3 cm long? Number 9 Previous 8 Give Up a View Solution 9 Check Answer 0 Next fl Exit "2rThe number oftheoretioal plates is given by the equation: N= ; where £T=the retention time at the peak in minutes "’2 132 5.55wm=wldth of hand at half height In minutes az=the variance of the Gaussian hand =

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