Quadratic equation | MAT 171

For Post 1, you will write your own quadratic equation. Your equation should be written in the form  y equals a x squared minus b x plus c . Use the guidelines below to write your equation.Let the value of a = the number for the month you were born; b = your shoe size; c = the number of children you have.For example, if you were born in February, wear a size 8 shoe, and have 4 children, your equation would be:  y equals 2 x squared minus 8 x plus 4Post 1 – When naming your post, include your last name. For example, DF 1 – Smith.

  1. Create your equation using the information in the directions. State your equation.
  2. Complete the table below. Show your work.
    Table of Ordered Pairsxy-2 0 2 
  3. State in what quadrant or on what axis each ordered pair from part b is located.
  4. Graph your equation and capture a picture of the graph to post to the discussion board. You may use your graphing calculator emulator software or take a digital picture of your graphing calculator screen. The image should be visible in the textbox where you are typing your work. Do not attach it as a file. (Please follow the instructions above for inserting an image into your post.)
  5. What window did you use to graph your equation? (see pages 153-154 in textbook for more information about the viewing window)