Reading response 9/8 | ltc 4120 | University of Missouri–Columbia

Because the course readings are an integral part of your learning experience, you will be asked to respond to readings each week prior to class AND make connections to what you are experiencing in your field placement. This semester will ask you to do a good deal of reading, prepare for this by looking ahead in the syllabus and planning reading time each week.  In each response:

  • You will need to indicate in your response that you have engaged and read thoroughly ALL assigned readings.
  • These are not just summaries of the readings but should indicate your THINKING about the readings. What surprised you? What angered you? What frustrated you? What made you excited? What worried you? 
  • You should also be making explicit connections or asking questions about the relationship of readings to what you are seeing in field. 
  • One BIG question that you have for our community to consider.  Your question should be written into the comment area in Canvas to accompany your submission.

The purpose of these responses is to prepare you to participate meaningfully in class sessions, prepare you to read critically, find your voice as a professional educator and receive individual written feedback from the instructor.  

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