Reporting performance | Management homework help


The Alpha Machine Tool Project, pages 824 and 826–828, provides a sample of the essential elements of a contract performance report (CPR) (i.e., Tables 15–19). Answer only questions 10 through 23 (on pages 827–828) to Problem 15-18 (which starts on page 824).

Address the following additional instructions in your response:

  • You may need to perform some calculations of earned value (EV) formulae based on the data in Tables 15–19 to answer the questions.
  • Show the calculations to your answers in full. Furthermore, analyze and explain your calculations with at least 2–5 sentences of explanation for each answer. For example, what do the EVM calculations indicate with respect to the performance of the project or program? That is, what is the significance of your calculation with respect to program metrics?
  • Additional note: The Alpha Machine Tool Project scenario is supported by Problem number 15-18, which uses Table 15-19. Do not get confused and use Table 15-18 on page 825, because it relates to Problem 15-17, which is not your assignment.