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IS4799: Unit 3 Assignment 1: RFP Technical Requirements and
Differences from Existing Controls
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Learning Objectives and Outcomes
You will learn how to identify the differences between the description of the Request for Proposal (RFP)
of the client’s current information technology (IT) security policy framework and the environment that will
be the result of the work requested in the RFP. After identifying differences, you will learn how to create a
report that documents any gaps.
Assignment Requirements
In this assignment, you need to review the RFP’s description of the client’s current IT security policy
framework. Then, review the RFP’s technical description of what changes are requested. Compare these
two descriptions and prepare a list of differences where existing controls do not provide the desired level
of protection. Each difference is a gap in the client’s current IT security policy framework.
You will be graded on your ability to analyze the client’s current IT security policy framework as described
in the RFP and identify any gaps that exist between the existing framework and the desired final
framework. You should be able to correlate the gaps with work that must be accomplished to satisfy the
RFP. At a high level, the gap analysis provides a list of specific objectives that a firm’s proposal will
address to satisfy the RFP.