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  1. Please view the video: September 11th 2001-Attack on the World Trade Center before responding. Please share with the class where you were when the attacks occurred. What you did? How you felt during and after the attacks.
  2. Read both Hurricane Katrina case studies, found in the resources below, before responding. The advance preparations taken by New Orleans, the state of Louisiana, and the federal government proved inadequate to meet the full challenges of Hurricane Katrina. To the extent that these preparations could have been improved, what steps should have been taken?

Paper Submission Requirements:

  • Your response should be 3-5 pages in length (double spaced).
  • Paper must include a âreference pageâ not included in the 3-5 page minimum.
  • Use APA format.

Resources for Assessment:

  • Video: September 11th 2001-Attack on the World Trade Center
  • Hurricane Katrina: Preparing for the âBig Oneâ in New Orleans-Case Study A
  • Hurricane Katrina: Responding to an “UltraâCatastrophe” in New Orleans-Case Study B
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