Reserach paper – blockchain technology apa format

Topic : Super Market Industry

Your policy should include the following:

1) Purpose statement of the business network (i.e. blockchain environment) Do NOT use the Letter of Credit business network. Come up with a new idea.

a. Describe your business environment (what business are you in?)

b. Describe what value your blockchain app provides.

c. Describe what value your blockchain app provides to your existing and potential customers and partners.

2) Description of the current (base) network (participants and roles)

3) Brief description of upcoming features in the next quarterly release that will require additional permissions. (Be creative, but realistic here. Think about what the existing application does, and what features you’d like to add that would increase the application’s usefulness and value. Analyzing current functionality and determining which features would best meet business needs will be a big part of assessing this assignment.)

4) Describe each user attribute and the permissions each attribute aligns with in an attribute-based access control environment. The point here is to think of how your business network and application will be used, and what users need to use and manage it.

5) Explain how user attributes align with roles to implement ABAC.

6) Describe any onboarding and offboarding procedures necessary to align permissions with active users.

7) Cite at least 5 external, peer reviewed scholarly resources to support your policy with respect to enterprise blockchain application identification, authentication, and authorization.