Review the week 6 discussion instructions. select two of your


Discussion: Evaluation/Peer Feedback for Final Project

As discussed throughout this course, success in changing behavior depends on your ability to apply health-behavior theories and models to the development of specific strategies and health messages that target populations with a health issue. To be effective, you must also be familiar with the population you are targeting and the health issue they are experiencing.

As you’ve explored this week, evaluation is important in improving programs and strategies to meet the needs of individuals and populations. Evaluation helps health professionals answer these and related questions: How do we know if a health strategy is effective in achieving its program objectives? How do we improve health programs to make them more effective? Which initiatives should be funded? What works best in which settings?

In this Discussion, you will help to evaluate your colleagues’ suggested strategies for behavior change by giving and receiving feedback on the Final Projects. Feedback, whether given or received, should focus on the strengths of a presentation and areas for possible improvement. It should be constructive. Use the feedback prompts below to to identify the strengths of your colleagues’ Final Projects and to provide objective, constructive suggestions for improvement.

To prepare:

  • Review the Week 6 Discussion Instructions.
  • Select two of your colleagues’ Final Project Presentations that interest you.
  • View the two presentations and address the questions outlined in the instructions for the Discussion (see below).
By Day 5

Post comments for at least two of your colleagues. Address at least two of the following in your comments:

  • Is the health issue, health behavior, target population, and setting clearly described? Explain.
  • Is the health theory or model and/or its constructs explained? Explain.
  • Is the theory or model applied appropriately to the strategies? Explain.
  • Is the information about the health issue, behavior, population, and setting based on credible sources? Are the citations and references adequate and accurately cited according to APA Style? Explain.
  • Are the strategies appropriate for the targeted population? Is culture and literacy level of the intended audience considered? Explain.

Finally, summarize what you learned from the presentation, and identify at least one way that the presentation could be improved.

Review your colleagues’ responses to your presentation in the Week 6 Discussion Forum.

Reflect on what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of their comments.

Submission and Grading Information