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The purpose of this assignment is to gather information about topics from a variety of sources and mediums and organize them effectively. Most of your assignment is “copy & pasting”; however, it can sometimes be difficult to find a comprehensive variety of sources.

You will pick 5 topics related to the course and compose an overview for each that guides the user to resources on the topic. There are a number of required elements for each subject (see attached). There are two attachments with the assignment. Both are examples that I did for Sleep Deprivation. One is annotated and contains specifics about what should be included (including restrictions) for each element of the assignment. Please examine closely. Second is the cleaned up version (without annotations) and should serve as a template for your finished entries. NOTE: Please complete each topic as separate word document and upload separately.

Hints for getting started:

As your topic should include a recent news article, start by googling keywords such as “brain” or “neuroscience”. Pick your article and branch out from there.

things we talked about was memory and learning, schizophrenia, synapses and drrugs,anatomy of the nerveius system, and axons

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