Risk Management 6

Look up and research an instance where a business has encountered an event (disaster, hack, environmental issue, etc.) and provide a brief synopsis of how they should review and possibly change their policies, plans, and procedures.  Please see rubric for more information.  The synopsis must be at least three pages double spaced.  Please provide any charts or tables you feel necessary to complete the synopsis.  

Your synopsis should reflect APA style formatting and should consist of the following:

  • 15 points – Title page (APA format, but also include the name of the company you researched on this page as well)
  • 20 points – Abstract (Give a brief overview of your research – should be a minimum of 50 words)
  • 40 points – The body of the Paper (at least three pages typed content in length). Charts and Graphs do not count in the length of the body of the paper. Be sure to explain in full to cover the assignment requirements listed above in the synopsis.
  • 25 points – References page (please cite your sources) – you will need a minimum of 3 sources.

If your synopsis does not contain the critical parts listed above, points will be deducted from the assignment.

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