Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock game – java program

Write a program that plays the Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock game. Refer to for more information.


Normally, one player is a human and the other is the computer program. However, in this exercise, the program will generate two players who play against each other. The play continues until either of the computer-generated players wins four consecutive times.


In this game, two random integers are generated in the range of [1 to 5], one per player. 1 refers to Rock, 2 refers to Paper, 3 refers to Scissors, 4 refers to Lizard, and 5 refers to Spock.

For example, if the computer randomly generates integers 2 and 5 in the first iteration, 2 is for the first player and 5 is for the second player. Based on Rule 8 in the following 10 rules, Paper (2) disproves Spock (5), so Player 1 wins. Repeat it to generate one more pair and determine who wins that iteration. Continue the iterations until one player wins four consecutive times.

           Rule 1: Scissors cut paper

           Rule 2: Paper covers rock

           Rule 3: Rock crushes lizard

           Rule 4: Lizard poisons Spock

           Rule 5: Spock smashes (or melts) scissors

           Rule 6: Scissors decapitate lizard

           Rule 7: Lizard eats paper

           Rule 8: Paper disproves Spock

           Rule 9: Spock vaporizes rock

           Rule 10: Rock breaks scissors