Scavenger hunt worksheet and answer key


Suppose you are a teacher creating an online activity on the topic of the humanities for your students.

Create a museum website scavenger hunt worksheet and answer key for your class. Decide which grade level, K through 12, you are teaching, and keep the age of your students in mind when creating this activity.

Include the following in your worksheet:

2 or 3 questions on formal elements in art

2 or 3 questions on media and materials in art

2 or 3 questions on the subject matter or style of a work of art or architecture

The use of at least 1 or 2 different museum or cultural institution websites

The answer key must demonstrate your own understanding of the following:

How color, line, and other formal elements are used in art and architecture.

The various effects of different media or materials (such as watercolor, oils, or stone masonry) and how they are used by the artist or architect.

How artists tell a story with their art or how subject or style is communicated in art.