Schrager Manufacturing Company Has Two Production Departments Cutting And Assembly 146568

Schrager Manufacturing Company has two production departments: Cutting and Assembly. July 1 inventories are Raw Materials $4,930, Work in Process-Cutting $3,670, Work in Process-Assembly $11,110, and Finished Goods $32,600. During July, the following transactions occurred.
1. Purchased $63,940 of raw materials on account.
2. Incurred $57,770 of factory labor. (Credit Wages Payable.)
3. Incurred $72,860 of manufacturing overhead; $41,480 was paid and the remainder is unpaid.
4. Requisitioned materials for Cutting $17,370 and Assembly $9,660.
5. Used factory labor for Cutting $30,540 and Assembly $27,230.
6. Applied overhead at the rate of $19 per machine hour. Machine hours were Cutting 1,730 and Assembly 1,770.
7. Transferred goods costing $67,920 from the Cutting Department to the Assembly Department.
8. Transferred goods costing $135,310 from Assembly to Finished Goods.
9. Sold goods costing $151,590 for $201,310 on account.
Journalize the transactions.

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